How to Start with FRF

A few of our awesome members talk about what you can expect.

One week elements course at CrossFit FRF

At CrossFit FRF we believe in keeping you safe and injury free, so that you can become a long term member of our great community and really get the benefits of your new Functional Results Fitness and lifestyle. We offer a beginners course to ensure that you start on the right foot – after the week of Elements we will have you joining in the main classes safely and confidently as your fitness levels start to climb.

How do I get started?

Step One is to register and come along to one of our complimentary trial classes

Step Two is to get yourself on board with our one week elements course – which introduces you to a lot of the basic exercises that we use in our regular classes.

Step Three sign up with us and get started with our main CrossFit classes. Keep learning, getting fitter, stronger, more confident and better at whatever life throws your way.

The CrossFit FRF Elements course runs for one week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. Once you’re ready to transform your body and get some real, usable, functional results in your life then register your interest below or get in contact directly if you have any questions.

If you wanted to get started straight away and our time slots don’t suit you we also offer a one-on-one option – you can learn the technique and skills from the elements course in 3 one hour sessions.


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Still not sure what CrossFit is all about or if it is for you? Then check out our FAQ – it may answer your questions or check out our video “What Goes on at FRF?”

Please contact us if you have any questions or call us on 04 384 0177.

Is this for me?

YES! There is no minimal fitness level for these sessions, If you can walk, you can participate. And If there’s something you can’t do, our experienced and enthusiastic trainers will find a way for you to work around it.

This short video explains a little bit about what to expect from the elements course.