CrossFit is our signature class where we combine Strength, Cardio, Gymnastics and Conditioning for a high intensity Functional workout.

We use elements of body weight training, traditional strength exercises, Olympic style weightlifting, gymnastic conditioning exercises, short duration cardio exercises and any other functional movements we can think of. We roll it all in to one group workout – and everyday the workout is different. Everyone works out at their own level, with weights and exercises tailored to an individual’s level and ability.

We choose exercises that mimic everyday movements and use your body the way it was designed – as a whole. Beacause your body’s joints and muscles don’t work in isolation from one another, we have no “leg day” or “arms day”.

CrossFit FRF’s methods will improve your physical performance, whether that be on the sports field, at work or walking up the steps to home! And although improved physical performance is our main goal – weight loss, toning, and building lean muscle are all welcome side effects.

Existing Injuries

Existing injuries and disabilities are no problem in our classes. Our experienced trainers will find alternative exercises for you so that you can keep moving towards your fitness goals no matter your current physical state.

Getting Started

At CrossFit FRF we believe in keeping you safe and injury free, so that you can become a long term member of our great community and really get the benefits of your new Functional Results Fitness and lifestyle .

In our main CrossFit class we undertake a wide variety of movements and exercises and so we offer an introductory course to ensure that you start on the right foot – within a couple of weeks we will have joining in the main classes safely and confidently as your fitness levels start to climb.

Our intro course runs for two weeks on a Monday and Wednesday night at 6:30 PM. We run these courses once a month, so once you’re ready to transform your body and get some real, usable, functional results in your life then get in contact!

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