At FUNCTIONAL RESULTS FITNESS and CrossFit FRF we believe in results and we believe in community. Hear from some of our members about their experiences training with us.


“I’ve been attending CrossFit FRF since my son was 5 months old.
What appealed to me was the fact that I could get a decent workout and bring baby with me.
Katie and Gerard are both great with Sean and I always know that he is in safe hands while I am working out.

I love the challenge that Crossfit gives and since joining FRF I have seen a vast improvements in my fitness and abilities.”


“To say I was a bit nervous on my 1st trip into FRF would be an understatement, but I had been in communication with the coaches and they assured me that they could tweak the works outs to fit any skill level/injuries.

After completing the intro course I jumped into the main classes and was welcomed by the team.

The support that you get during the workouts is fantastic, from the coaches that are keeping an eye on you to make sure you are lifting correctly to the other members that are watching and supporting when you are on the last few reps/sets.

It is the best gym experience I have had in my attempts to go to a gym, and I have tried both group classes, one on one personal training sessions and doing my own stuff with reference material from the internet.

It’s more than a gym is what I figured out, it is a club, it’s a community, everyone has their own goals but they work as a team to keep each other tracking towards the goals.”


“I first heard about crossfit six years ago when I was in Brisbane. A friend of mine was doing it at the time and suggested I give it a go, I knew nothing about it but he explained what it was all about, I thought it was crazy and not for me. Fast forward 4 and half years, my wife came to me and said the gym we were at was starting up crossfit and we should go as a means of doing something as a couple.

Now I’ve always been active and a bit of a gym junkie mostly doing weights and little bit of cardio here and there, so I thought I would appease my wife and go once. This is where I first met Gerard and I got hooked and have never looked back.

Crossfit has truly changed my life. I’m challenged everyday as WOD’s are varied; my strength and fitness has never been so good. My attitude towards exercise has totally changed, gone are the boring, mundane and lonely work outs. I now train in a controlled environment with like-minded people who also have fun. The gains I’ve made in the last 18 months have truly overshadowed the years I spent in the GYM (I should’ve listened to my mate six years ago). Don’t get me wrong I still have a lot of weaknesses, but that’s what I love about crossfit the challenge it sets you physically and mentally and the satisfaction you get when you overcome them.

The coaches at FRF (Katie and Gerard) are fantastic and have been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and much more. They are knowledgeable, professional, build confidence and are always on hand to provide guidance and encouragement. This is also reflected in the community they have created at FRF. The FRF crew are an awesome bunch. The buzz you get from seeing everyone around you improve, having a good time and celebrating success is infectious.

A lot of people watch Crossfit on TV and are put off, but to put it into perspective they are the best of the best. It’s like watching the All Blacks and comparing yourself to Richie McCaw. Every WOD is scaled depending on your level of fitness. You don’t have to be the fittest, strongest or fastest, but one thing is for sure if you give crossfit a go; you will become fitter, stronger and faster. So come along to FRF, amazing place to work out, great coaches, and good bunch of people who work hard and have fun along the way.”


“I have been a gym junky for many years, but I have never felt so welcomed and part of a team as I do with FRF, we are a big family. The coaches Gerard and Katie are most helpful, especially if you have an injury, which I do, and it is easy to change a workout to suit. I never feel like I have to go hard with the young ones and I still get a great workout. I have improved my fitness and how I look and it didn’t take that long, especially when it was fun.”