Welcome to CrossFit FRF

CrossFit FRF (Functional Results Fitness) is based in Lyall Bay in Wellington’s Eastern Suburbs.

We offer group CrossFit  and HIIT classes. Our CrossFit training combines Strength, Gymnastics and Conditioning. We aim to prepare you for any eventuality, improve your sporting prowess, increase your fitness in every possible way and get you in fantastic shape whilst doing it.

We differ from other gyms by focusing on personal contact. Our experienced trainers will give you individual attention, encouragement, help with technique, keep you safe and fast track your results.

In our signature CrossFit  classes we lift, throw, jump, climb, run, row, roll, stretch, balance and anything else we can think of, and we keep it varied – no two days are the same.

At our Functional Results Fitness facility we also offer group 30 Minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes which are designed to increase the heart-rate and get you moving for the 30 minute block.

We even offer one on one sessions with one of our experienced trainers, if our group class times don’t suit you or you are feeling a little shy.

CrossFit FRF Elements Course

Getting started is easy with our one week elements course.

Just get in contact and we’ll look after you and welcome you in to our fantastic community.