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This is our staple class and is Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, Performed at High Intensity. If you’re unsure what CrossFit is all about, then check out our FAQ for some more details! Our CrossFit classes run for 60 mins and include a warm up, skill or strength work, mobility and a WOD (Workout Of the Day). You are most welcome to come early or stay a little afterwards to perform extra mobility and cool down stretching. Our Lunchtime classes cover the same material, but are streamlined to 45 mins – so we might cut the strength or skill component down.

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Mums and Bubs

This is the same CrossFit Class – but you are welcome to bring your kids along too – We have some toys and a play pen and we’ll have two coaches working, so one will be able to keep an eye on them whilst you work out. Kids are optional – lots of adults like the time slot, and come along kid free!

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CrossFit Kids and Teens Classes

CrossFit FRF are very proud to share our passion for fitness with the younger generation. This is an amazing opportunity to instill in them a life long love of health, movement and fitness. We have Kids’ classes aimed at 6-12 Year old and Teens’ classes aimed at 12 – 17 year olds

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Up-Skill Sessions

These sessions are designed to improve your skill or knowledge in key areas. We run a combination of practical and theory sessions, depending on demand and what you want to learn!

Practical sessions allow you to work through the skills and progressions for certain movements that you find tricky or may not have had the opportunity to learn yet. Our theory sessions will be a chance for us to hold an informal chat on fitness related topics such as nutrition or goal setting.

Our practical sessions could cover gymnastics movements, weightlifting or anything that you feel needs work. We’ll work on a combination of drills and progressions as well as open practice time.
These sessions are free for our members, and we would like to hear from you your suggestions for skills and topics that you’d like to work on and develop further. Email your suggestions to Gerard.

We’ll let you know in advance what we will be covering in each class – so you can attend the ones that suit you most.

Kick Box Cardio

Our Kick Boxing Cardio classes will teach you the basics of Thai Kick Boxing (Muay Thai). Combining punching, kicking elbowing and knee strikes together for a fun and unrivaled cardio and full body workout. This is a high intensity 40 mins – if it’s your first time, let the coach know and come 15 mins early so we can teach you a few basics.

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